Custom made Master Batches

Select a colour, advise a shade reference or supply a sample of your desired colour you would like us to match.
We will enquire regarding the general requirements of the end application to formulate a Master Batch specifically made for your standard, demanding and / or critical application.
We will promptly supply plaques and granules for your evaluation. Can be made to suit any polymer that you or the end customer requires.
PE Master Batch PS Master Batch  
PP Master Batch ABS Master Batch
PA Master Batch SAN Master Batch  
PMMA Master Batch PC Master Batch 
TPE Master Batch PBT Master Batch  
PVC Master Batch
PET Master Batch
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Ward Polymers are accredited to
ISO 9001:2008 with BSI
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For urgent technical assistance and enquiries please call us on -
0121 520 8034