Tefabloc® designed by MCPP-France is a comprehensive range including TPE-S, TPO (blend and reactor types), TPV, TPE-E. Providing specific and suitable solutions in terms of cost and features: Elastic recovery, ageing, flexibility at low temperature, fire resistance, chemical compatibility, appearance, colour, food contact, medical etc...

Applications: seals and gaskets (automotive glazing systems, building windows, water drainage systems, fridge, dryers, washing machine, electrical equipment ...), airbag covers, soft touch handle and impact protection. Automotive, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Approved grades for America and Europe markets.

The Tefabloc® series comprises hardness from 10 shore A up to 60 shore D. They are designed for producing single material parts in addition to 2K with ABS, SAN, ASA, PC, PA6, PA6.6, PBT... , please request information about Tefabloc® TE series.
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