Polyamide 6 is a tough and strong polymer with good damping characteristics and high shock resistance even in the dry state and at low temperatures.
Provides a good surface appearance and a good weld strength which affords a good burst pressure resistance. PA6 is as stiff as PA66 with temperatures up to 180 C and exhibits a better long-term heat ageing. Compared to PA66 PA6 has improved surface appearance, creep resistance, better processability, a lower modulus, absorbs moisture more rapidly, moulded around 27 C (80 F) lower with less mould shrinkage because it is slightly less crystalline.

Polyamide 66 is one of the most versatile engineering thermoplastics, easy-to-process with a very wide processing window, exhibiting superior heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding mechanical strength and can be easily flame retarded. Popular because of its excellent balance of strength, ductility and heat resistance.
PA66 is an outstanding candidate for metal replacement applications. Used to produce a vast range of products from complex, thin walled components to large thick walled housings.
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